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2020, the Age of Aquarius and beyond

I'm back after an unintentional five week hiatus. special thanks to: uni, Tier 4, Boris Johnson and the rest of the Tory cabinet x

so, 2020. it's been ... interesting to say the least. aside from the pandemic, we've endured: the deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, the impeachment (and unfortunate acquittal) of Donald Trump, the crash of the stock market, the death of George Floyd and the subsequent worldwide protests for Black lives, the Beirut explosion, wildfires in Australia and the US West Coast, the US election ... need I go on?

I'm happy to see the back of it if I'm honest, despite the fact that pandemics do not have expiration dates and coronavirus is still holding us hostage in Tier 4.

I thought it would be necessary (and almost bittersweet) to debrief and evaluate 2020, before looking forward to what the New Year AND the Age of Aquarius has to offer. I'm hoping that, as an Aquarius myself, 2021 will finally be my time to shine!

the best&worst of 2020

January 2020 - my name and article published in Cosmopolitan UK

definitely not a bad way to start the shit show that was 2020. I'm tempted to keep this issue of Cosmo as a family heirloom, or a cool historical artefact. (let us act as if my nail polish isn't horrifically chipped).

February 2020 - I (unfortunately) turned 20 and (fortunately) took a trip to Copenhagen

one of my favourite cities, Copenhagen Part One is unfortunately remember with scarred feet and ankles because I thought it would be a good idea to use the trip to break in brand new platform Doc Martens. a mistake I will never make again.

everything about Copenhagen is so relaxed and laid back, yet so efficient. the metro is completely driverless and NEVER late, the streets are spotlessly clean and the air is crisp and fresh. I also like how cyclists rule the roads and have more protective rights than motorists. the UK should take some tips.

May 2020 - thelittleboyblog is launched

two months into (the first) lockdown, I decided to do something productive with the extra time. uni was over by this point, all work had been submitted and I was losing my mind. here, you can see the blog in her initial planning stages.

August 2020 - got invited to Copenhagen Fashion Week and travelled solo for the first time

Copenhagen Part Two came around and this is something that I will never shut up about: achieving TWO of my LIFE goals aged 20? there's nothing better than being ambitious. I always used to think that perhaps I am too ambitious, but after this, I realised that there is no such thing.

this was also when I came to across an opportunity for my post-grad life, so four days in Copenhagen really was enough to sort my life out. you know what they say; a change of scene is all you need.

October 2020 - accidentally stayed up til 5am to watch BLACKPINK's comeback, FINALLY received my merch (yes these were genuine highlights of my year, no judgement here) & started my third and final year at UAL

BLACKPINK fans have waited four years for this album. I wasn't gonna miss it for ANYTHING. I could also go into extensive detail about how their entertainment company (or He Who Must Not Be Named), but I won't. instead, you can check out the article I wrote on it for Artefact (when someone actually edits it)! I had also been waiting for this hoodie for an AGE. then my real life (aka the degree I'm paying £27,750 for and am subsequently in over £60k worth of debt for) came knocking.

November 2020 - endured the US election

the US election: an era in its own right. an exhausting, horrifying era yes, but an era nonetheless. Trump solidified the fact that he is potentially the worst governmental figure in history (although Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson are in a close joint second). the way I could drag BLACKPINK's management is the way I could drag Donald Trump, but again, I won't. perhaps an unnecessarily long think - piece on him will be coming soon.

when Biden's win was finally confirmed, it felt like Christmas had come early (until Boris (aka Diluted Trump)) put us into yet another lockdown and cancelled Christmas ... literally.

(yes i recycle my outfits; we're in a recession x)

December 2020 - had my first ever Zoom meeting with my tutor and Christmas was cancelled; Scrooge's dream come true

online uni has been the best and worst thing that happened to me this year. on the plus side, I can wake up, get my laptop from the floor, log into the website and then scroll through Twitter. on the down side, I have to talk to people in break out rooms. kill me. despite it being an introverts heaven AND hell, I found out that I'm not actually doing too badly (okay, I'm at the top of my class), and am looking to graduate with a good grade after all.

big year, big plans: 2021 & beyond

in the important astrological Age of Aquarius, we will have the courage and confidence to achieve our goals. for my fellow Aquarians, we are feeling energised and ambitious.

I have so many goals to achieve this year - not new years' resolutions per sé, but closer to personal and professional achievements.

I have my eye on a few opportunities towards the end of this year, but for now, the main goal is to survive Year 3. I am still yet to finish and submit my Final Major Project (50%) and this month I will be getting the ball rolling for my dissertation (50%), submitting my proposal in two weeks, and my literature review soon after. the next few weeks are coming up fast, with deadlines on: January 15th, February 19th, March 5th, April 19th and May 18th. this one's for my fellow UAL Year 3s.

I guess I'm looking towards graduation - it's very iffy at the moment considering the fact that the UK has recently been tanking beyond belief regarding the pandemic. an actual ceremony looks unlikely, but I didn't buy these £400 shoes for nothing. I'm tempted to rent a graduation cap and gown and take photos anyway - graduation photoshoot, anyone?

from this month onwards, I'll try my best to keep consistent. I have a few posts ready to be published, but thereafter, don't be surprised if things get a little sporadic. my next post is coming on Jan 8th :)

2020, good riddance,

-thelittleboy xoxo

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