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Baum und Pferdgarten: a private viewing in Copenhagen

during my four days in Copenhagen, I had seen almost every inch of the city and been photographed by random street style photographers, but never did I think I would have been invited to Baum und Pferdgarten's showroom to privately view their SS21 collection.

specifically for press and buyers, a viewing - typically known in the industry as a 're - see' - is usually reserved for those important people who were unable to attend the actual fashion show, and to give them an opportunity to see the collection and do whatever their job requires them to do - be it writing a story on it, or collecting samples and buying stock.

as a nobody, I was surprised to have been given the opportunity, but as a member of the press, I went, saw, and conquered the task at hand.

The showroom is located right next to Amalienborg Palace, which houses the Danish Royal family.

the showroom interior was exquisite. it was HUGE and the walls were decorated lavishly in the corners, considering it used to actually be a part of the Amalienborg Palace. they even had carpets from the old castle displayed on the walls.

the collection itself draws on the iconic David Bowie movie - The Man Who Fell to Earth - and is inspired more closely by the classic scene in which he comes down from space, trying to work out who he is.

the lineup was one of the most diverse I saw during fashion week. the brand's showroom manager, Simone Ulrik, mentioned how they didn't want to go for models who were all the same, and remarked on how you can find an abundance of models with pale skin and blonde hair, like her, in Denmark - exactly what the brand didn't want. there were models with hijabs AND older women on the runway.

some of Baum und Pferdgarten's famous prints made a comeback in their Spring Summer 2021 collection, including the iconic 'und' monogram and the checkered, shirred shirts and dresses. Simone told me that they liked to stick with similar prints and patterns throughout all the of collections, as it creates a sense of purpose and allows the brand to become instantly recognisable without the need for obvious branding.

with an emphasis on sustainability this season, although Baum und Pferdgarten have been pioneering for fashion sustainability since the brand's inception, I was told by Simone that they release collections in a staggered manner in order to see what sells, meaning that they don't over produce clothes or over exploit any resources.

details @ Baum und Pferdgarten

the atmosphere of the collection blurred the lines between harsh shapes and soft silhouettes, giving a real sense of searching for one's true identity, just like the theme suggests. the atmosphere is true to the way we live now; finding our way in the world during times of hardship, stress and general inconvenience.

I'd like to express my gratitude to the Baum und Pferdgarten team for making re - see such a friendly and amazing experience!

-thelittleboy xo

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