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BLACKPINK's best and worst outfits

I am admittedly a BLACKPINK stan, a Blink if you will. shamelessly. and you can't shame the shameless, so don't try <3

in light of BLACKPINK's recent comeback (THE ALBUM came out at 12PM KST - stream their title song, Lovesick Girls x), I thought it would only be right to have a post dedicated to them and their extensive wardrobes.

with over 12 billion total YouTube views, 129.8 million combined Instagram followers, and five Guinness World Records, it would be stupid to assume that BLACKPINK are just a little girl group from South Korea.

when they debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment, their single album - Square One - featured 'BOOMBAYAH' and 'WHISTLE', which went to number one and number two respectively on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. they've broken various records, including having the most YouTube views in the first 24 hours for their single 'How You Like That', which amassed over 82 million views (and currently sits at over 535 million views).

here are some of BLACKPINK's best and worst outfits (in my humble opinion), from their debut to date.

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  1. literally every outfit in the 붐바야 (BOOMBAYAH) MV (160808)

I cannot begin to stress just how dirty BLACKPINK were done by the costume team for BOOMBAYAH. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, considering the fact that it was 2016, and no one can honestly claim that they looked good in 2016. HOWEVER, most of the looks need to be incinerated. immediately.

Lisa's jacket looks like a tin foil rendition of the Deliveroo jacket. horrifying.

as for Rosé, I have no words. speechless. neither them OR their concept is Japanese, so "beyond kawaii" doesn't make any kind of sense to me.

Both Jennie and Jisoo are in the most 2016 outfits I have ever seen. Jennie is serving the PAKS 99p hoop earrings with the £5 Primark shirt and Jisoo is giving us school leavers' disco realness with the off the shoulder top.

who allowed this? I just wanna talk.

2. Lisa's 마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST) Music Core outfit (170701)

Lisa wore these $700+ Balenciaga leggings (also famously worn by Rihanna in the Wild Thoughts MV), and I believe that she (Lisa) was robbed.

I feel like the leggings swallow her up. she's extremely petite, very slim and quite pale, and so bright green floral leggings with long red hair just don't go together.

regarding the top, there is a fine line between something being oversized and something drowning someone. the top is drowning her. (the holes are also triggering my trypophobia, and the fact that she has a black bandeau underneath is annoying me even more).

I won't even waste my breath on the bangles.

overall, it's just not a good look for her.

3. Jisoo's 뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU) Music Core outfit (180714)

there's really not a lot to say about this outfit. it's lacklustre, and like Lisa, Jisoo was ROBBED.

I specifically think she was robbed because, as BLACKPINK's visual (a group's visual is essentially the best looking member who appeals the most to the main target audience, Koreans), I would've expected something more visually/aesthetically pleasing for her. if you hid her face and told me that she was a backup dancer, there's a 100% chance that I would believe you.

I need answers, because for 2018, I expect better!

4. Rosé's Kyocera Dome concert outfit (Blackpink In Your Area World Tour) - @roses_are_rosie (200106)

not that this outfit is particularly ugly, I just gives me NOTHING. and it's mismatched. like I kind of see the vision; a grungy meets girly vibe is something that I have always wanted to try with my own outfits - but it was not executed well at all.

I can understand that an outfit like this is perfect for a concert (for ease of movement), but this could have been done so much better.

5. Jennie's SOLO MV outfit - @jennierubyjane (181105)

there is something about this dress that triggers me. it just looks so annoying and itchy and not very 'her'. it reminds me of tinsel, if I'm honest, like actual Christmas decorations. and I HATE the colours so much. the pink fading to purple? I can accept. but the red and green? in the BIN.


the BEST

  1. Jennie's Blanc & Eclare elevator fit - @jennierubyjane (200808)

I had to start with this because we all know what I'm like for a monochromatic outfit - a BLUE monochromatic outfit at that. I would never usually put baby blue with black but she just does it so well; I'm inspired. the Blanc & Eclare FREESIA jacket works so well with the other hues, and takes a regular oversized jumper to another level.

the Louboutins (Lady Daffodil Mary Jane pumps, I believe) just tie it everything together - the pop of red initially put me off, but I think it works perfectly.

2. Jisoo's entire Christian Dior X DAZED KOREA look book (200819)

I almost COLLAPSED when I saw these on my Instagram feed. YG Entertainment have kind of made a thing of making Jisoo's outfits in the MVs very ... childlike (for lack of better words). I feel like she has always got the worst outfits, and being BLACKPINK's lead vocalist AND visual, I have always found this weird. I kind of feel like it's because she speaks the least English out of the group, but that's my own speculation.

anyway, the How You Like That comeback was really a turning point for her, and these outfits are just a small fraction of the looks she's served this year. easily a 10/10.

3. Lisa for BLACKPINK's comeback conference - @lalalalisa_m (200626)

Lisa FLEXED the fact that she had recently become an ambassador for Celine with these pictures, behind the scenes of BLACKPINK's comeback global press conference. she's serving 'rich mum at parent's evening' realness and the dark red lip just takes it to the next level.

4. Rosé's preppy Parisian look - @roses_are_rosie (191013)

so simple and yet it does so much. Miss Park Chae - Young proving once again that less really is more. Rosé CARRIES these kinds of looks - she seems like such a reserved person, and so something that is understated yet classy is always the perfect look for her. she's serving that NUGUNA School meets Paris exchange student type beat.

(whoever finds me links for the skirt and shoes will have a special place in my heart forever <3).

5. the How You Like That MV Hanboks (200626)

the modern take on the traditional Korean Hanbok - designed by Seoul - based fashion designer, DANHA - had fans from around the world GAGGED during the HYLT premiere back in June.

one of my all - time favourite trends in fashion is incorporating elements of traditional and cultural dress into current styles, and DANHA does this so well. each hanbok has been made specifically to suit each girl's style and individual image while keeping close to historical and cultural accuracy and I LIVE for it.

- thelittleboy xo

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