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how I style my bags

✨the Jaded PU Tribal Print bag✨

they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but my obsession is with bags; albeit an unhealthy obsession - but who are we as individuals if we don't obsess over a few things in our lives?

unfortunately for me, I am not being sponsored to say this, BUT the PU Tribal Print bag from Jaded (which is currently on sale for £2.50 - you read that correctly) is not only a STEAL, but there's nothing you can't do with a clear bag. the possibilities are endless.

it's my go - to for university: it can easily hold a MacBook, water bottle, books/magazines and everything else you would need on - campus, and I see myself strutting through multiple airports with it post - pandemic. despite the its's lack of privacy, we all take risks for fashion right?

below, see how I style this multifaceted, statement piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe.

p.s. Jaded, please sponsor me x


🍒⛓️🗡️the tiktok girl🗡️⛓️🍒

the tiktok girl isn't the tiktok girl without her staple Slazenger skort and oversized Iets Frans sweater and (optional) vintage Armani shirt. it's rare to see her tube socks so white, considering they've usually been tie dyed.

the two shades of black - washed and jet - bring dimension to the outfit, along with the size difference in the oversized sweatshirt and form fitting skort.

I'd pair an outfit like this with either classic AF1s for a sporty, more casual look, or the Doc Martens Sinclair boots for something more grungy.


🧿🌐💙the colour co - ord queen💙🌐🧿

she chooses one colour and commits to it. the Tommy Hilfiger flares and Jumbo Ribbed Double Zip top mesh together perfectly in colour coordinated harmony, pairing expensive with budget. she walked so Lana Del Rey's Shades of Cool could run.

for me, a monochromatic outfit is everything. if you know me personally, a monochrome outfit is my go - to for any occasion 99% of the time. it says that you are always put together, and a monochrome look will almost always look good.

I'd pair this outfit with either classic AF1s, or, if the flares are making you fee like a disco diva, these colour coordinating London Rebel mules (minus the socks) would tie it all together perfectly.


🧷🎨🎭the art schooler🎭🎨🧷

she goes to art school and wants you to know it. the PrettyLittleThing pinstripe skirt paired with the thrifted cardigan say that her style is cute and fun, but she is also better than you.

an outfit like this could easily be dressed up or down - dress down with trainers or boots, and dress up with a matching blazer and smart loafers.

I'd pair this outfit with either the Doc Martens Sinclair boots. or, if you want something that screams either "Central Saint Martens" or "London College of Fashion", the Buffalo 91s.


thelittleboy xo

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