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introducing: theBlacBox!

theBlacBox is a black female - owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who specialise in beauty subscription boxes catered to the needs of black women in Europe.

in their own words, "all our products are sourced from black - owned businesses who not only understand our challenges (because they've experienced them themselves), but are creating solutions for us".

the beauty industry is notorious for isolating black women in all sectors, be it in hair, skincare or makeup, and the BlacBox team have made it their mission to create an answer to the question of inclusion. plus, to make things just that bit better, theBlacBox caters directly to the individual and the individual's needs, ensuring that each black woman receives exactly what will work for her in her own box. it truly is a personalised service.

to get a box tailored to you, go to the site and create your profile! here's my profile below, to give you an idea of what you will have.

alongside the perks of the box itself, theBlacBox also run a points scheme, where you can accumulate points through your monthly subscription. you could get surprises in your upcoming boxes, the chance to build your own box and choose whatever you want to put in it, and even get a BlacBox completely free!

what is the aim of theBlacBox?

ultimately, theBlacBox team want to "make every black individual feel cared for. right now, we're working towards that with out beauty subscription boxes for black women, but there is a lot more to self - care than beauty alone. creating a self - care universe for all black people is the ultimate goal". no one should have to feel like an afterthought in any industry, and theBlacBox is doing their part to make sure everyone feels like a priority, starting with black women.

why did I join the ambassador team?

I decided to join theBlacBox's ambassador team mainly so that I could use my own little platform to bring some much needed attention to this amazing company, paving the way for black women in beauty. their message and aims are so important, especially in a world where black women are continuously forgotten about and neglected.

they are such an amazing team, and I when I first came across their site (during a search for internships), I knew I had to work with them in one way or another.


I was so excited when my BlacBox arrived. the products' protective material is small pieces of paper, made to look like kinky/coily hair, and I personally think it is the BEST touch that would go over many peoples' heads. they really did think of EVERYTHING, and it's the little things that mean the most!


in this month's box, I was treated to six, full size products from three brands respectively. the products being full - sized is one of theBlacBox's unique selling points, as a LOT of subscription boxes send you sample - sized products. six full - sized products (with a total price of £68.65) whilst supporting multiple black - owned businesses at the same time - for £20 per month is the best deal I've personally seen.

from Zee Zee Flair, I got their Rescue Body Butter and their Rose and Grapefruit Body Scrub.

from Ivy Wild, I got their Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray and their Edge Control.

finally, from RLG Cosmetics, I got their Anita B Palette and RE2 Fluffy Brush (which aren't pictured above as I was using them at the time!)

I can't wait to try them all!

stay tuned for next week's post, where I will be reviewing all the products I received in this month's BlacBox!


you can follow theBlacBox and their story on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! they also offer FREE shipping for customers in Europe, so get subscribing ladies!

you can also follow Zee Zee Flair, Ivy Wild and RLG Cosmetics on Instagram!

- thelittleboy xo

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