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my festive BlacBox has arrived!

we recently went into a second coronavirus - induced lockdown here in the UK, and so I've been in dire need of a pick me up. luckily for me, theBlackBox came through with their Festive Box (which you can still get here on their website).

this is the second BlacBox I've received, and I am honoured to be a part of the ambassadorial team!

make sure you tune into next week's post, where you can read my reviews of these products!

here's what I received this month:

✨ EQUI BOTANICS (follow them here)✨

Equi Botanics Babassu Deep Treatment Mask

Equi Botanics Baobab Moisturising Sulfate - Free Cleanser

founded by Ekwy Chukwuji - Nnene and based in my very own city of London, Equi Botanics is a beacon for those who are just starting out in their haircare journey, and also those who are experts when it comes to their locks.

it really is a one - of - a - kind haircare brand, with something available for everyone. no matter what your hair texture/type is, you will find something for you!

the Equi Botanics philosophy is all about: balance ("combining nature and plant science to respond to seasonal changes and all hair types to bring expertly balanced hair solutions"), purity ("only pure and high-performing plant actives make the cut for our products") and education ("Equipping each and every one of our hair-ambassadors with resources to build their own business while loving what they do").

with natural products enriched with almond oil, aloe vera, murumuru and tacuma seed butter (to name a few), Equi Botanics will have your hair feeling and smelling luscious.

✨MONEOPURA (follow them here)✨

Moneopura Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

Moneopura Nourishing Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin

I recently started on an extremely harsh medication that makes my skin and lips are drier than sandpaper, so right now, Moneopura's skin care is a holy grail.

another London - based brand (which also happens to be family owned), the BlacBox team really bought it home (to me) this month! the brand has nothing but 5⭐ reviews on their Etsy shop, so you definitely should believe the hype.

with a total of 62 different affordable products on their Etsy shop, Moneopura has the range and the expertise to get your skin looking and feeling flawless, definitely necessary as Europe goes into its bitter cold winter phase!

✨SMYRA ORGANICS (follow them here)✨

Smyra Organics Grape & Blueberry Shea Balm (Aba)

Symra Organics Golden Scrub (Ohene)

bringing it back to my sandpaper - dry lips, it's like the BlacBox team heard my prayers.

Smyra Organics is handmade and completely organic. the founder, Stella, uses shea sourced directly from Ghana, so not only are you supporting a small business, but you are also supporting communities in need!

her products are formulated with a blend of vitamins A, E and F, to make sure your lips are getting everything they need to be moisturised and stay moisturised. the products are also insanely affordable, so you can care for your lips without putting a dent in your pocket!

I can't wait to try these! stay tuned for next week's post where you can read my product reviews :)

see you soon,

- thelittleboy xo

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