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my festive BlacBox: the review

these last few weeks have been tough with lockdown 2.0 and more displays of general British Government inadequacy, so it's always a nice to come home from a long day of uni to find my BlacBox waiting. I was even happier to find out that this month's box was all about care: haircare, skincare and lip care!

if you read my last post, you'd know that I've been on the medication from hell: isotretinoin - also known more commercially as (ro)accutane. with side effects like extremely dry skin and lips (which has caused my lips to split and nose to bleed on various occasions), this month's BlacBox is a God send.

remember, you can still buy this month's BlacBox (which is on sale!) as a one of purchase here!


the first products I tried from this month's BlacBox were Equi Botanics' Babassu Deep Treatment Mask and Baobab Moisturising Sulfate - Free Cleanser.

I washed my hair first with the sulfate - free cleanser, and then let the deep treatment mask sit on my head for 40 per the instructions (minus the steamer - my closest alternative was wearing a shower cap in a boiling hot bath).

after combing and rinsing the treatment off, my hair felt brand new. literally. it had a gorgeous smell and felt like silk. I was able to comb through my afro in under five minutes, a new personal best!

both products are bursting with essential oils and vitamins for strength and hair clarity. as I'm writing this - six days after wash day - my hair is still soft and pretty much tangle - less!

I love the fact that the products are hand mixed - you can really feel the love and personalisation, like it's been made especially for you🥺. they are slightly on the pricy side, at £19 for 100ml of the treatment mask and £15 for 100ml of the sulfate - free cleanser. BUT, if you are willing to do the best for your hair, you have to be prepared to pay for the best! a little bit of these products really does go a long way, so keep that in mind.

I would recommend these products from Equi Botanics without hesitation, specifically for my curly headed and thick haired friends!



the second products I tried for my suffering skin were Moneopura's Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin and Nourishing Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin.

this face mask is so relaxing - I used it during wash day to de - stress. with hints of rose, it was so soothing and cooling to my skin, and left my face looking bright and firm.

I add the facial oil to my moisturiser and a little really goes a long way. it leaves my skin looking soft and smooth, the perfect addition to my skincare routine.

Moneopura's products really do have some of the best value for money I've seen in skincare, with both products priced at £7 and under, and the fact that the business is all natural and family owned makes it even better!

I would recommend these products to ANYONE with sensitive skin - knowing that they are all natural with no scary additives puts my mind at rest, knowing that my eczema and acne prone skin is in good hands. 💁🏽‍♀️



last (but definitely not least), I tried Smyra Organics' Grape and Blueberry Shea Balm and the Golden Scrub.

shea is easily one of the best natural moisturisers you can buy, and for £4.33, can you really afford to NOT buy this balm?!

'Accutane lips' are absolutely a real thing, so this lib scrub - balm combo is NECESSARY. I use both products as part of my morning and evening skincare routines!

the lip scrub is made from real sugar (so once you're done scrubbing, you can lick your lips to remove the product). it smells like cinnamon goodness, the perfect festive touch for this winter.

you do need to warm up the shea balm slightly (so you can get it on your finger), so I would recommend holding the container in your hands for a minute or two, just so you can get the product moving. we all know that shea needs to be melted, so prepare for that!

the Smyra Organics balm doesn't only DRENCH your lips in moisture, you'll be going about your business with the fresh smell of fruit in your nostrils all day long. I have the grape and blueberry sent; it smells so natural and not artificial in the slightest.

would I recommend? definitely!💅🏽 Smyra Organics' lip products have been a SAVIOUR to me, and everyone deserves soft lips, especially during London's cold months.


thank you to all the brands, and thank you again to the BlacBox team for sending me another box! I'm so grateful to be part of the team 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

see you next week,

- thelittleboy xo

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