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my September wish list

this list is an appeal to any sugar daddies and pay pigs who are feeling especially kind and generous during the month of September; here's my PayPal: paypal.me/sophievicbrown xo.

This is also for anyone who is interested in knowing what I crave in my life for ultimate happiness and fulfilment.

  1. the Blue Dior Oblique Jacquard Saddle Bag

I would commit unspeakable crimes to have this bag in my possession.

the bag embodies and materialises my dream life - living in an aesthetically pleasing European apartment overlooking the an important cultural landmark, filled with house plants and vintage Vogue issues.

retails for: £2,450.

bank account says: absolutely not.

2. the Blue Dior Oblique Embroidery Book Tote

another Dior bag to imagine waltzing through the streets of literally anywhere that isn't the UK. a dream that coronavirus, being a full-time university student in London and being poor has shattered.

still, a girl can dream of owning things that she can't afford, right?

retails for: £2,000.

bank account says: lmao.

3. the House of Sunny Peggy Cardi

an aesthetically pleasing, very vintage-esque cardigan in a shade of green that would make my nan ill, but is your outfit really that good if your family hasn't complained about it?

it's also multifaceted, with all the fur being detachable - making it two different cardigans for the price of one, if we're being technical.

retails for: £79.

bank account says: maybe a back to uni present to say congrats for all the hard work you're about to put in?

4. the ATP Atelier Ovada Black Heeled Sandals

maybe you read my review of the ATP Atelier show on Nordic Style Mag, or maybe you missed out.

these shoes have an unnecessary amount of opulence that surround them, and although it is NOT the season to be having your toes out, I'd be happy to catch frostbite with these.

retails for: £420.

bank account says: no❤️

5. the Kangol Wool 504

can we drop a bomb for an every - season - appropriate hat?

this hat is EVERYTHING and I need it DESPERATELY. I have an affinity for Kangol hats: workable for every season, every style, every outfit. it just works and the next time I see one out, I'm buying it. sorry mum.

(two days before this is published, I bought the hat ... I'm livid that it's not the exact shade of blue, but beggars can't be choosers!)

retails for: 37EUR

bank account says: treat yo self

thelittleboy xo

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