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so, how was your first ever fashion week?

I know I said that my last post would be the final in the Copenhagen Fashion Week stories, but I couldn't resist writing a fashion week roundup. who writes an essay without a conclusion?

(this is also an opportunity for me to drop all of my unused fashion week photos and videos. enjoy!)


at first, it was extremely intimidating. I found myself floating around venues - mostly in an attempt to (unsuccessfully) avoid the street style photographers - until I was finally comfortable enough to introduce myself to people, and to discuss the shows.

going into the fashion industry - arguably one of the most social spheres out there - as an introvert is, well ... laughable. but, going abroad alone as an introvert (and getting a proper hands - on insight into your dream lifestyle) is a holy grail, if you couldn't tell from my incessant, annoying Snapchats spams and Instagram stories.

it wasn't until the last show of the season; Henrik Vibskov's Horsepower Takeaway show, that I felt fully 'assimilated' (for lack of better words) into the fashion week bubble. that's not me saying that I didn't have a good time on all three days, I had the BEST time, but being introverted made things a little harder.

everyone that knows me knows that I hate London with a burning passion, and that I will do everything in my power to spend as little time here as possible (despite the two decades I've been here anyway. crazy).

with that being said, having the opportunity to 'get out of London and explore aesthetically superior cities' is always on my to - do list, and doing it alone is even better.

take a look at the last picture in this reel; it's the entrance/exit to Gammel Strand Station in Copenhagen's Old Town. do you think Transport for London could ever relate? what has Sadiq Khan got to say about this?

I had so much fun exploring what the streets had to offer; immersing myself into the city on public transport or by foot (I am not yet confident enough to cycle on city roads, especially somewhere that has a cycling culture engrained into society AND because I couldn't cope with someone screaming at me in Danish because I forgot to use hand signals).

no matter where you went, there was a breeze, and Baum und Pferdgarten's showroom manager, Simone, told me that it's because wherever you are in Denmark, you're always near the coast. perfect climate for a February baby.

I ate good in Copenhagen, and there was no doubt about that. for the best breakfasts in the city, I'd recommend GRØD's (Vesterbrogade 150b) spirulina bowl and lime - thyme lemonade, and O's American Breakfast and Barbecue's (Øster Farimagsgade 27) French Toast.

if you're in a rush, 7 - Eleven has the best selection of pastries, as well as hot food and drinks.

enjoy this way - too - zoomed - in photo of me, saying goodbye to my beloved Copenhagen :(

- thelittleboy xo

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