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what did I get in my BlacBox?

if you don't already know, I recently became a brand ambassador for theBlacBox, a beauty subscription box specifically catered to black women in Europe. you can check out last week's post on their company here! you can also subscribe to still get your September BlacBox :)

here's the very much anticipated post on what I received in my BlacBox, the monthly subscription box for black women.


Rescue Body Butter by Zee Zee Flair

if you’ve used shea butter before, you know that it will have you rubbing your hands together to try and melt it for what seems like HOURS. but not this one!

the shea butter is PACKED with avocado butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, maracuja oil and grapefruit and sweet orange essential oil. to cut a long story short, it will have you body looking, feeling and smelling amazing.

I suffer with eczema and found that the rescue butter caused no irritation whatsoever! as well as providing the skin with intense moisture, it also helps with dark marks, acne scarring, fine lines, and skin elasticity, and I also found that it helps razor bumps.

Rose and Grapefruit Body Scrub by Zee Zee Flair

this body scrub will leave you smelling like a flower garden and feeling silky smooth.

it's tough enough to remove dry skin and to tackle those stubborn ingrown hairs, but gentle enough to not irritate and cut the skin - which is exactly what you need when your skin is eczema - prone and sensitive overall.

the scrub is also scented naturally with essential oils, so you know that it is as natural as it can possibly be.

to put the cherry on top, the company is completely vegan friendly, cruelty free AND the glass jars can be clean and reused! hats off to Zee Zee Flair!

Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray by Ivy Wild

I have a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), and so I initially thought that I would not have a use for the Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray ... until I actually read the box. not only is it for heat protection, but it can also be used for styling, detangling and adding a luminous shine!

I added a few sprays on top of my conditioner and let them sit under a shower cap for 30 minutes before combing it out and it worked like a miracle. I managed to comb through my hair in under five minutes (a new personal best)!

I also use it as a finishing touch to my morning AND evening hair routine - adding shine and an amazing smell before I go out, and locking in moisture before I go to bed. it truly is a multifaceted product.

Edge Control by Ivy Wild

my edges survived an hour and 50 minutes on TFL, a run through Walthamstow, a trip to hospital, a fire evacuation and several blood tests. (I also think that if my headscarf had stayed on while I was asleep, my edges would have also survived the night).

I think the video speaks for itself: after ALL that, they hadn't budged an inch. when Sean Paul said he sticks to his girl like glue, Ivy Wild's Edge Control is what he used.

you get exactly what you pay for with this; the container is deep and filled to the very brim, and even the tiniest amount goes a LONG way. anyone with stubborn edges that take a long time to lay down, or anyone who needs to lay their edges without time to wrap them, this is definitely the product for you. it also doesn't dry crusty (!!!!!)

Ivy Wild is actually having a 10% sale with the code 'WILDCHILD', so make sure you check out the website!

Anita B Palette by RLG Cosmetics

this palette is the whole package! the colours are pigmented enough to show up, subtle enough to look classy for any look, and extremely easy to blend.

I also think that putting both neutral, earth tones together with shades like Farida and Funke is so clever, making it so easy to create a vast range of looks with just one palette. it's also compact and easy to carry even in your smallest handbag.

I created this subtle look below using the shades Enigma and Adaobi. at first I thought that enigma would be too dark for me, but it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually creates the perfect amount of blendable, buildable colour. I can't wait to explore the other endless looks that will be made possible thanks to this palette!

RE2 Fluffy Brush by RLG Cosmetics

hands down one of the best blending brushes I own. I'm not sure whether it's how the brush hairs have been packed together or what, but with palettes that usually give me fall out, I found that this brush just held it all together and the fall out was MINIMAL.

the brush is also the perfect size; big enough to blend out eyeshadows on your eyelids or contour your nose, but small and precise enough to add highlight to your nose, inner corners, eyebrows and temples.

as a small brand, RLG Cosmetics is on par with some of the bigger beauty brands we're so used to seeing in shops and in the media, and they definitely deserve more recognition from the beauty community.


I loved all of these products, and would definitely recommend all of them. they are all extremely high quality, and worth every penny. I found it hard to find any flaws with them!

a huge thank you is owed to theBlacBox team who, without them, none of this would have been possible! I look forward to working with them again in the future <3

- thelittleboy xo

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