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what influences my style now? (pandemic edition)

you may remember my first ever post on this blog - how I found my style.

as relevant as all those tips still are to me, lockdown (and fashion week) have given me time to think about my wardrobe; my signature pieces, my go - to's, all that jazz.

here's some more of my own style trends that I've noticed after having six months to do nothing but sit at home and think about life!

I don't actually have a *specific* style

if I had to give my 'style' a name, I don't think I would be able to. I am always shifting between different looks/eras on any given day for no particular reason.

I love vintage clothing as a whole, with an emphasis on the 70s - flared jeans and black militant leather, and the late 80s/early 90s with oversized jackets, old band t-shirts and clumpy boots.

realistically, my style is somewhere between Parliament-Funkadelic, Nirvana, NWA and KISS, and you are free to interpret that in any which way.

my style choices regularly shift between feminine and masculine, or both

I have a lot of men's clothes in my wardrobe. for the most part, I prefer menswear to womenswear because I don't have the kind of 'typically feminine' body type, so 'typically feminine' clothes usually don't suit me.

I like to mix the two to give my outfits a bit more, if that makes sense. wearing a men's xl sweatshirt with dad jeans makes more sense to me than wearing a gross women's fitted jumper.

the same goes for my hair, when I decided to (much to my mum's disdain) shave my the sides and back of my head - as in, shorter than my hair already is. she hated it because I looked too masculine, but that isn't my problem lmao.

the music I listen to has an impact on what I wear

some outfits/accessories that I've worn have been directly influenced by things I've seen in music videos.

these Kangol Tropic Ventair, for example. I fell in love with the style and knew that I had to get one (and I actually got a Wool 504 for the autumn/winter season, and plan on getting the Tropic Ventair for the spring/summer season).

the same goes for all the band t - shirts and merch (Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone and BLACKPINK, to name a few). they are classic pieces of clothing that can be worn in any way, and so gathering inspiration from music is probably the easiest way to build your outfits.

I think it also depends on what I'm listening to on the day. if I'm listening to Led Zeppelin or Nirvana, my outfit might take on a grungier look, or if I'm listening to Earth, Wind & Fire, I'll get my flares out. I think it's all about the sound.

the facts speak for themselves x

I still build my outfits around my bag (or hat)

I find myself consciously choosing specific pieces around my bags, so I know that no matter how bad the outfit may be, colour coordinating to a decent handbag will always make the world of difference.

take the outfit to the left, for example. it's from my second day of fashion week. it's nothing special; I actually had to throw it together due to a packing error I made before I left London. but, notice how the details (the shirt and socks) of the outfit form around the bag? it's the easiest way to level up a boring outfit and make it look cohesive (and as if you made an effort)!

the same goes for hair accessories - I wore this look for my closing show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and matched my bandana, eyeshadow, top and skirt to make myself look effortlessly put together, despite the fact that I had bought the top ON THE DAY OF the show from UO and rearranged the entire outfit (the jacket was initially part of a trouser suit).


I have (mentally) created some of my best outfits during lockdown, and I'm PRAYING that I can start uni soon and be able to show them off. >:( COVID, I'm on my knees.

- thelittleboy xo

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